Weeknotes 2022 - Week 44

  • I'm trying this again :D. I've upgraded everything to latest Nextjs 13. It took less than one hour and most of it was because of the effort needed to rebuild the stack of transformations to pass from markdown to HTML with remark and unified.

  • I'm using Twitter a bit less and Mastodon a bit more. Migrated to https://hachyderm.io from https://mastodon.social and the vibes there are just AWESOME.

  • For now looks like the oEmbed lib I use with the blog doesn't support mastodon, but It looks relatively easy to implement it. The library uses the list of providers from oEmbed, but just doesn't support any type of discovery or adding custom providers.

    Support for custom providers might be easy to add, but automatic discovery might be a bit more complex.

  • I've been working with sorbet a bit lately and my love-hate relationship with it continues. It is delightful to have types in Ruby (sometimes) but I still find that some of the trade-offs implied by using sorbet are just too expensive.

  • For the last year or so I've been working mostly with Go instead of Ruby. It has somehow become one of my favorite languages. I'm drafting a post playing a bit with its error interface as it is one of the funnier parts of the language IMHO.