Weeknotes 2021 - Week 6

  • Spent some more time working on the Zettelkasten with obsidian and it is really a nice tool.

    I've started to routinely take notes during my day. As a way to organize my thoughts but also as a way to keep ideas alive. I have a ton of ideas regularly that I end up forgetting.

    I can now keep track, so I guess I'll start doing something about them at some point xD.

  • I've done some research on Neovim's 0.5 native LSP. Works pretty well mostly out of the box and configuration from the examples was enough to make solargraph work.

    Config is done with lua which seems to be taking a more and more important role on neovim's community. You can even configure neovim with Lua instead of VimL now.

    The good part is that I now have a very good excuse to learn Lua 😀