Weeknotes 2021 - Week 2

  • While finetuning this very same blog and adding some functionalities into it I reread this amazing article by my good friend Ferran

    It makes some very good points on how to apply the SRP on the frontend and specially on how to organize your components around it.

  • Slack had an outage today (Mon, Jan 4th) and I honestly miss when our main communication tool was asynchronous (AKA email).

  • I read this article about micro feedback loops.

    From what I have observed, you have to nail the basics, the things that developers do 10, 100 or 200 times a day. I call them micro-feedback loops. This could be running a unit test while fixing a bug. It could be seeing a code change reflected in your local environment or development environments.

    My personal experience is that the continuous feeling those loops are "not fast enough" becomes so frustrating that it slows me down in 2 ways:

    1. The way the article describes: by making it very hard to keep focus.
    2. I get obsessed with improving it and I need to restrain myself to avoid leaving everything until I fix it. You can go check my dot-files šŸ˜… if you want a to check them.