Weeknotes 2021 - Week 1

  • Started this new blog. Using NextJS, TailwindCSS and Vercel

    I've been meaning to do it for a long time and I finally found time during the holidays. I've had this domain (fjcasas.es) since around 2016 and didn't find a use for it until now 😬

  • I discovered the amazing ecosystem around unified (I used it for this blog too)

    Many of the functionalities on this blog are based on remark and on their plugins. There are plugins for many things, like code higlighting or oembed. Really interesting. I'll check it a bit more to finetune the blog.

  • I started researching about anki and how to use it to learn new stuff.

  • I made some new year resolutions:

    • Less cell phone.
    • Build smaller side projects that I can actually ship (like this!)
    • Ship at least one of the side projects that I have started already
    • Write more. Keep a blog or some other other similar publication and periodically post into it.